08 February 2007

An attempt to win back pride and land...theoretically

In the pre-show for the game yesterday (soccer, Mexico vs. USA), a cyclical message seemed to create somewhat of a theme: The only advantage that Mexico has over the US is soccer. The only thing Mexico can do to win back stolen pride, liberty and land is play soccer; even if the prize is intangible and temporary. The game was long and goalless most of the time. Neither team was playing particularly well. The US scored first, which of course kicked Mexico into overtime. They began to play a little stronger but continuously made failed attempt after failed attempt at a goal. Finally, 30 seconds from game end, the US scored again.

But to be honest, the game isn't the point. The point is what seems to me to be an extreme inferiority complex on the behalf of Mexico. One reporter talked about the fact that the game is technically being played in Mexico. Let's not forget please that Arizona, California, Texas and several other states were at one time Mexican territory and somehow, winning this game (and every other games of course) might make up for that fact.

I think this is all I have to say about this, but please, I'm sure there are several comments about this. And remember, this is just my preliminary observation....It could be convoluted and/or incorrect.

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Ames Tiedeman said...

One of the bigger things that kills me about this whole immigration movement bullshit is the bullshit argument that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, etc. were somehow "stolen" from Mexico by the big, bad, evil USA. Oh, because, that's right, Mexico was such a peace loving utopia with the most magnanimous leaders this world has ever seen until we provoked them into finally taking up arms (and, they would have us believe, they did so begrudgingly). GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. Ever heard of the Constitution of 1824??? Where was your fucking peace-loving Mexican Utopia when Santa Anna decided to wipe that Constitution with his ass??? If any nation was ever a war-mongering, land-grabbing nation it was Mexico, and Spain before it. We stole the southwestern states??? Go cry me a river. Apparently history began when Mexico lost their land. Bullshit.

The only thing someone who professes this bullshit can say, while still being honest, is that we won, they lost, and they are bitter about it. And it's not as if their culture made such a huge impact at the time to even claim that it was a de facto Mexican state. This isn't the Rhineland. This isn't Alsace-Lorraine. The culture(s) in these regions, be they American, German, Scandinavian, Irish, American Indian, or anything else, not only rivaled but overpowered the "overwhelming" Mexican influence they claim they had. These regions were more Americanized than angry Mexicans today could ever hope to believe (why do you think Santa Anna rescinded the Constitution of 1824??? Texas was becoming too American and too hard to control under Mexican rule.). Most Mexican culture that is now commonplace in these regions is because of the gracious, freedom-loving culture of the US that embraces other cultures and allows outsiders to practice their customs freely, not because these regions are just "so obviously Mexican". If Mexico wants to claim these regions as their own, then I suggest they order their "army" to gather both their rifles, get on their squadron of mules, and just try to "take it back". Otherwise, shut the fuck up, stop taking advantage of a putrid welfare system, and, hey, here's an idea, maybe try to improve your own damn country instead of holding the US responsible for it being the shithole that it is.