15 July 2007


I have friends coming to Mexico to visit ME! I'm SO stoked, and yet SOOO busy. The house is a mess right now, I have SO many projects I need to finish (paint the pots that I turned into a table base, paint and hang my new decorative boxes, make the curtains because the fabric is just lying around, organize the closet better so that things don't fall out, put shelving under the desk, and clean clean clean clean)....and all this has to be done before TUESDAY! AGH! I'm so excited and yet so anxious and busy and restless and everything all at once!!

also, I'm planning a trip back to California on August 18th through September 2. I need to get a new tourist visa ASAP so that I can start on the road to a Work Visa (again). This is going to be a GOOD two months!!

When are you coming to visit?!


Stephanie said...

thats right after my exchange students leave! we can do craft time!!! i have all these cool new supplies that i am getting for the students.

James said...

Need to talk to ya kid. IM next time your online. :)