05 August 2007

The after vacation blues

Well, I guess I'm not so much blue as maybe a rich cyan......getting back into actually living in Mexico City (as opposed to just visiting with my visitors) has proven VERY difficult. I'm trying to start a routine but so far it only consists of pilates when I wake up every other morning. We really don't have the money to buy groceries right now so I can't get into a good eating routine and I've just been so exhausted (probably because of the lack of eating routine) to even wash the dishes that were left over after they left.

The vacation was good though! I didn't get to take them to as many places as I'd hoped....I guess I was over-ambitious and they just weren't that interested, but we did get to see Diego murals and the Frida exhibition. We went to Xochimilco as all good tourists do and to the Basilica, the center, Teotihuacan to visit the ruins and get soaked to the bone. (see this video for the beginnings of the storm) And this one for climbing the Sun Pyramid
There are over 200 pictures posted on photobucket...many are VERY unflattering but they're funny either way (the pictures are from my camera only, I have yet to upload Gloria's pictures.....which are many).

Now I'm waiting on getting home for a couple of weeks so that I can finally resolve this illegal visa I currently possess and perhaps get a work visa upon return.

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TheAutumnKnight said...

havent read your blog in awhile, but sounds like your vacay was really memorable sorry I couldnt have come down. thats terrible to hear though that youre not eating well. EAT WELL ASHLEY I DEMAND IT!!!!