12 February 2008

Finding the good in the Tired

I started working at Australia New Zealand Education on Wednesday and today I completed a full work week. The hours are long, I start at 9 AM and get off (sometimes) at 7....usually the boss keeps us later.

I like it so far, the people are nice for the most part and the information and the actual job itself is really interesting. I sat in on a counsel today and tomorrow I have an appointment with someone I'll be working with closely from the local university.

I'm nervous. I've never had an administration job before and I feel that maybe I'm not the most decisive, firm handed person I should be.....yet. I'm also nervous because I'm not sure that I'm learning everything I should be and I don't feel like I'm getting the proper training I need.

I need to learn how to swallow my pride and ask questions and make decisions, otherwise I'm afraid I'll be fired.....

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Grampa said...

25 years....sometimes that is long, and other times it's not. Glad you got a job.