16 March 2008


Because of this:





Our electricity blew out because it is old and rotting and our wonderful, considerate landlords decided not to change it before we moved in. So, now it's getting fixed and this is the result.

Tomorrow we're going department hunting. The good thing is that here, when you pay your first two months rent, they count for the last two months you live in the apartment, so They owe us two months of free stay.....
(click to see the full pictures, I don't want to reduce these gems)


TheAutumnKnight said...

Ahh I just got caught up with your happenings Ashley! That sucks about your foot. I've never broken a bone before but it sounds scary to think of having to take one's cast off coz the cast got too wet for comfort. I got the heeby jeebies when I read that, thinking about how it's probably like when one takes off a bandaid and the skin underneath it is all tender and pale *shiver*. Hope you're enjoying your work at ANZ Education, and that study abroad circuit sounds amazing! It woulda been cool to see those pix on your blog *hint hint* Hope you're doing well and all the best. -DAn

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