24 January 2007

uneventfulness makes for dull reading

I've been pretty out-of-it lately. My diet hasn't been as nutritive (is that a word) as it should be and I'm afraid that anemia has returned. My poor blood isn't absorbing/transporting enough Oxygen for my body to function well. I'm tired, I'm crabby, walking is becoming more and more of a task and all I want to do is sleep. But never fear, the internet is here; I did research and found out what I can eat and what I should eat. I've been eating a little healthier; more fruits and veggies instead of Tacos de papa or frijoles. We've found out that we can make a hearty meal at home for 50 pesos total. A lacking refrigerator is making saving food near impossible, but we have a cooler that we've been using to store things on ice.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist to see how many cavities I have. My teeth have been hurting me the past several days and I can't pretend that my body will heal them anymore.

Today has been the first "cool" day since we got here. When I say cool, however I don't mean cold, I mean when you don't wear a sweater you feel as though you need one and when you do wear a sweater you are a bit warm. Now, the sky looks as though it'll rain any minute.

El Mercado de San Cosme

There is something strangely attractive about the market that's situated just a block from our apartment. It's constantly crowded with working class and poor people. The walls and center aisles are controlled by vendors of all sorts: clothing, school uniforms, fruits, vegetables, spices, meats, whole chickens hanging from their feet, shoes, random nic-nacks, pet food, copies, hair cuts, pirated movies and CDs, fruits chopped and chilied.....anything and EVERYTHING you ever thought you needed....or didn't need but wanted.

There's an in-door market and an outdoor one. In doors works a Japonese couple, los famosos Japoneses. Every one (I mean EVERYONE) knows about these Japonese people because they have everything you could ever need for anything. They sell electrical gadgets, kitchenware, oil cloth, plastic, pet food, pet beds, pets....everything and they never cheat you.

Outdoors is mostly only clothing and movies and randomness and it opporates usually at night, closing around 11. There you can find any pirated movie you dreamed of. And if the movie isn't there then, in two days it will be, as long as you ask....20 pesos for one DVD or 50 for 3.

There is one family that has been selling these battery opperated birds in mini cages. These birds scare the bejesus out of me and I have to look away when we pass. Their movement is so real and their cages are open. The vendor shoves them in your face, assuring you that they are fake but nonetheless it's hard to believe.

Admittingly, it seems like it could be a pretty dangerous place. With so much going on, it's impossible to keep an eye on everything. Shopping around is completely necessary, and finding the vendors you like is essential. It's so bustling, it's amazing.....I love it there.

The Radio

We've been listening to the radio a lot lately since we don't have many CDs. 106.5. In the mornings they play "80s, 90's and more". What's interesting about this station, however is that I've never heard a song in Spanish. Over and over they play Madonna, Modern English, Michael Jackson, Cranberries.....anything 80's, 90's and more from the US/UK.

There is another station we listen to that claims that "All of Mexico is on Air". It's actually kind of interesting. Yesterday an ex-CIA analyst called in to talk about the looming death of Fidel Castro. There have been plenty of callers about the tortilla crisis (which seems to be pretty well averted now, we saw in the market today that a kilo costs 8.5 pesos and we learned with this station that Walmart and another big grocery store is selling them, without profit, for 6 pesos....just to stick-it-to-the-man, it seems)

It seems that one faction of the police force is planning on striking soon due to low wages and no health benefits but I don't know enough about that now.

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