18 January 2007

US's economy...


find whatever you want here: http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/eco-economy

Of course the US is doing well....in comparison to other countries, but in comparison to itself, which really is the only way to compare the US, we are spending way more than we have, we're not paying anyone back, we have the second highest child poverty rate and we are spending millions upon millions upon millions of dollars on war. Yes, YOU are doing fine.....yes our houses are nice, we can afford to eat and our streets aren't littered with beggars like many other countries, but that certainly doesn't mean that our economy is as "boooming" as it could/should be.

how dare anyone call me unthinking.


TheAutumnKnight said...

america is the best country in the world long live bush crush the infidels

gramma said...

I was in touch w/my cousin Terry today and she has cousins in MX. 1 is a curator at the Museo de Luz. There's another connection at 2 jewelry stores, Esmeralda and Princesita. 1 is named Pilar Contreras. She also mentioned that there's a place called Cafe Tacuba which is quite good. Might be good price range. Terry's last name is Biernetzky. Her grandpa and her dad used to run the jewelry stores. Just for info. We love you.