29 December 2007

One Year past

If you'll remember my first entry was about my last night in the US and my second about my first night here. It's hard to believe but that was one full year ago. Since then plenty has happened and plenty has been stalled in what seemed to be an eternal and oh-so-typical Mexico City traffic jam.

I shared birthdays, Independence Days, celebrations of all sorts, a very, very, very different Christmas and tonight, a second News Years with and among Mexicans in a very typical Mexican way. It's been a ride, rocky at times, exasperating, tiring but ALWAYS educational.

I think I've learned more about so many things in this one year than I did in my years at University and that's what traveling and living in new countries is about right? Discovering what you know and learning what you don't know.

I start a job on January 7th (finally) so 2008 will start off on a different foot altogether and surely I'll have new adventures (and tribulations) to share.

As for tonight, I'll be celebrating with Toño's family, wearing yellow underwear to guarantee me money for 2008, eating 12 grapes and making 12 wishes on the chime of the clock. I'm sure we'll sweep away the bad of 2007 and travel a distance with a suitcase.

Really, I can't help but notice the things that have changed....

We went from being temporarily homeless....living out of 7 suitcases on our way To having a comfortable, quaint home Photobucket

Then, we got cats! Who have grown into very, very different personalities, Photobucket Remedios and Violeta

We've traveled a bit, met new people, learned new lessons, struggled.

All-in-all, after it all....it's been a good year. And 2008 will be even better!

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Mom said...

Here's to a new year with the experiance and insight of the past. Don't look back, just go forward to bigger and better things. This past year has shown you just how strong you really are. How strong I have always known you to be.
I love you both very much.