19 May 2008


I've finally made it to New Zealand after having missed to flights.

My body is going into something of a shut-down mode. I'm wondering around in a daze and I'm starting to get sick.

I didn't read my itinerary right on Friday (the day I was supposed to fly out) and I missed my flight thanks to my dilerium. Sunday I was supposed to fly out and my company card desided to poop-out on me (manifesting my own mental state into a disastrous reality) and I couldn't check out of the hotel due to a lack of means.

I made it out this afternoon and pretty much haven't done anything but try to catch up on my emails, eat something, take a nap and have dinner with one of our partners.

At this point I feel like my trip is pretty much done. I don't have confirmed appointments for tomorrow as of yet because my office is running a very bad show back home and getting meeting confirmations to me on the day I'm supposed to be meeting.

Wednesday I fly to LA and Sunday I fly home....something I'm actually looking forward to right now.

Who would have known that such a beautiful concept like travel could take such a negative toll on ones mind and body?

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