13 April 2007

Friday the 13th is NOT bad luck

Well, as I'm sure you've heard already, we had an Earthquake around 12:45 this morning. It registered a 6.3 on the Richter and it almost rocked me to sleep. It was actually more of a swayer than a rocker, nice and slow for around 40 seconds (but as we all know, Earthquakes always seem to last a whole lot longer than the newspaper's report). The report stated that this earthquake was centered actually in our delegation (in Mexico City the neighborhoods are called Delegations and in the States they are called Colonias) and that two buildings reported structural damage. Nothing happened to us or our house.....breathe a sigh of relief.

On a lighter note, I went to Cuernavaca on Wednesday and Thursday and came back red as a lobster (well, on my left arm and in a triangle shape on my chest) but no worries because I protected my face....I ain't gettin' no prosthetic nose, no way, no how!

These are my VIP girls (they invited me to their pajama party....a VIP party)
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As soon as we got into Cuernavaca, we went to El Rollo, a water park in the state of Morelos, that was attached to our hotel. Before walking into the park, though, the mothers bought alcohol....

as glass bottles are not allowed inside, the store attendants concealed the liquid into a plastic bottle
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Children swam and got on huge slides and rides while the mothers and I sat around, gossiping (about people I don't know) and talking politics.

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I felt a little like the middle child, unwilling to get on water rides, but unable to talk about "mommy" things, so I people watched. I noticed a startling trend....Mexicans are getting fat.
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Now, in the US, this is nothing new. There are several nonprofits who teach nutrition to the fast fattening Mexican population and statistics are showing that Mexicans are the leading the rest of the American population in Diabetes cases. However, I remember the first time I came here I felt extremely over weight. I couldn't believe the majorly obvious weight difference between Americans and Mexicans. I felt disgusting. While Mexicans are notorious for eating insane amounts or fruits and vegetables, (heck, there's a fruit stand on just about every corner), they are fast turning to fat and grease as a staple canasta basica product.

But I digress...Thursday we stayed at the hotel all day. The girls swam some more
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and I read my book, trying so hard to be involved in one group or the other but failing at last. It was a nice time to get away from The City, which can be overwhelming and stressing and just sit around doing nothing but next time, I'd rather go with a group of people my age!

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Mom said...

Well, at last I find out how your trip went. I asked you this morning and never got a reply.
Glad to hear the apartment did not sustain any damage.
Here's to no more earthquakes, at least while your living there.

Ashley Smith said...

I e-mailed you back....you must not have gotten it, or accidentally deleted it or something....i was wondering why you didn't write back!